Working to Build a New Animal Shelter
Ouachita Parish needs a new Animal Shelter. Due to lack of public funding sources, this has been in the news for a few years now, but no progress has been made. 

SOS Pets of Ouachita was formed in February 2017 and seeks to raise tax-deductible private donations to construct a new shelter. The shelter will be built in phases, as money is available. Our current plan is to build it adjacent to the current facility, so that we can begin the project before it is fully funded. We want to put an infrastructure in place that allows for expansion. The first thing to be built will be heated kennels that have outdoor access, along with a cat room and small climate-controlled reception area. As funds become available, we will expand with a new Quarantine Area for sick animals (will promote more rescues of healthy animals), a new Puppy House (to prevent parvo that is so prevalent at the shelter), etc. 

The current facility is a 1950's structure that is seriously outdated. There is no heating. Volunteers place tarps around the outdoor shelters when it is cold and use heat lamps, but this is not acceptable. The kennels have to be washed out of waste while the dogs are in the kennels. Due to poor drainage by design, the waste is washed into the areas where people walk, thereby allowing disease transmission. The list goes on and on. 

Luckily, we have wonderful caring staff and volunteers who do their absolute best to keep the shelter propped up. Our community readily donates food, blankets, beds and even things like the washer/dryer. When things break, the shelter volunteers attempt to address it. 

As a community, WE CAN DO BETTER! This is an unacceptable condition. It may take us a while to raise the money, but we have to start somewhere! We will be organizing some large events to pull in large sums of cash (we hope!). We will be asking for corporate and individual recurring donations. We need your help! 

Please help if you can! 100% of the proceeds go to the Shelter Fund. This is a labor of love, and all our time is donated to this cause. 

We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts!​
Working to Build a New Animal Shelter
SOS Pets of Ouachita
Board of Directors and Key Volunteers
  1. President - Joan Cooper Hampton
    President - Joan Cooper Hampton
    Joan is an engineer by day and becomes Joan of 'Ark' when the need arises. She saw the need for a new shelter and pulled a team of volunteers together to make it happen.
  2. Key Volunteer - Savanna Harrison
    Key Volunteer - Savanna Harrison
    Savanna is a key volunteer for SOS Pets and is always there to assist with events. She has fostered many pets and has a huge heart for animals. She loves having the opportunity to educate the public. In her own words 'we're great people, with amazing hearts, doing spectacular things'.
  3. Veterinarian - John McClendon
    Veterinarian - John McClendon
  4. Key Volunteer - Diane Griggs
    Key Volunteer - Diane Griggs
  5. Key Volunteer - Bob Milikint
    Key Volunteer - Bob Milikint
  1. Event Coordinator - Victoria Sexton
    Event Coordinator - Victoria Sexton
  2. Treasurer - Gary Hampton
    Treasurer - Gary Hampton
  3. Volunteer Coordinator - Rita Tucker
    Volunteer Coordinator - Rita Tucker
  4. Secretary - Mary Bowler
    Secretary - Mary Bowler
  5. Key Volunteer - Tara Ambrose
    Key Volunteer - Tara Ambrose
  6. Key Volunteer - Clinton Downing
    Key Volunteer - Clinton Downing